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Clayton, Idaho is the town that refuses to die. This was the premier silver producing area of the state from 1880 to 1984. An earthquake opened up some underground rivers and flooded out the mine.

In contrast, today the world's largest producer of lube grade molybdenum, which is also used as a hardener in the production of steel, is located at the Thompson Creek Mining facility in the Clayton area. The production of beef is still a major endeavor in the area.

In fact the number of cows in the county is greater than the population. Logging is still conducted within the county. These are the three industries that built the infrastructure that we have today.

Clayton is situated on The Salmon River Scenic Byway - Highway 75 that runs from Twin Falls, through Sun Valley, past the Sawtooth Mountains and Stanley through the Upper Salmon River Canyons.

It has become a favorite stopping point for tourists wanting to learn more about early mining towns, as well as a Sportman's Paradise. Map This Location.

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Local Recollections and Thoughts
I moved here 20 years ago to get away from California. I was looking for a place where the people still spoke english. When I moved here there was a popular t-shirt that said " Welcome To Idaho-- Set Your Clock Back 25 Years" What impressed me the most is the ability to sit down withsomeone, usually over a cup of coffee, and you might bullshit for 45 minutes and never even find out their name.
mike kalenik I, having moved here from California, was suprised that people went into the grocery store to do their shopping in the middle of winter. They would leave the keys in the vehicle and the engine running to keep the vehicle warm upon their return and the vehicle would still be there when they returned. I grew out of the habit of locking my doors cause things like that just do not happen here. Clayton is a small town, 26 is what it says on the population sign.
I have never seen any other community with more pride and community spirit than Clayton. Everything that gets done here is by a dedicated group of volunteers. We might be small but we are friendly.  
Clayton is situated on the north side of the Salmon River, between Challis and Stanley, on the Salmon River Scenic Byway--State Highway 75. Our annual July 4th celebration would put any big city to shame. The Box Car Derby, The Fireman's Ball, Cabin Fever Night and other small town events are all combined to make this one of the best places on earth that you will ever find.... Mike Kalenik"
Clayton is a community of friends that is located in the heart of Idaho"
........Joyce Rovetto
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